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Contentious probate and will disputes

If you are struggling with a disagreement about a loved one’s estate Parry Carver Solicitors is here to help. Call your local branch in Shifnal, Newport or Wellington to book an appointment.

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We understand coping with the death of a family member or a friend can of course be very difficult, and is even more distressing when there is a disagreement relating to an inheritance or the validity of a will.

There are various ways to challenge the validity of a will after someone has died. For example, it may be alleged that the person making the will did not understand what they were doing or they may have been pressured by someone else to write the will in a certain way to benefit others. Also, there may be a dispute about the will being prepared incorrectly.

There is also another type of claim where the person who died had either a financial or moral obligation which they failed to include in a will or did not make a will to honour those obligations. For example, a spouse or partner failed to leave adequate financial provision for the surviving spouse, partner or child or friend, when promises were made to benefit that person.

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There can also be disputes with the Executors, Administrators or Trustees who are responsible for administering an estate and there are claims that they have not fulfilled their obligations. Parry Carver Solicitors pride themselves in the sensitive manner in which we help clients through such disputes. We explain the whole process in a clear and easy manner, so it can be easily understood by all.

We will evaluate the success of any claim, by gathering evidence to support or defend any claim and help you find the best course of action. We will give you a cost estimate at the outset and help you assess the financial viability of any proposed claim. To find out the costs of our legal services or discuss your claim then please feel free to contact our offices to make an appointment for a free half-hour consultation with one of our team.

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