From time to time people find themselves involved in disputes with other individuals or organisations.  For instance you might have purchased defective goods, experienced a nightmare holiday, received poor service to your motor car or bad workmanship from a builder in respect of home repairs or improvements. You may be involved in a dispute over an estate following the death of a relative. Or you may simply be owed money by another person.  Initial approaches may not serve to resolve such issues and litigation may seem all the more likely.

emplymentoutconestAt Parry Carver we shall advise you as to the procedures involved in resolving such disputes and the potential cost thereof.  We shall also advise as to other forms of dispute resolution such as mediation.  We will engage in initial correspondence with those concerned and thereafter, if matters cannot be resolved, we shall let you know the potential costs of issuing or defending court proceedings, up to and including various stages from initial directions hearings and case management conferences right the way through to a final contested hearing.  Whilst doing so we shall always be mindful of proportionality i.e. potential cost of proceedings compared with the value of the subject matter of the dispute.

Whether acting for a Claimant or Defendant we shall endeavour to ensure that any proceedings are dealt with swiftly and efficiently and will keep you advised at all stages of the process.

In the case of Small Claims i.e. those where the value of the subject matter is under £10,000 one is not able to recover their legal costs other than limited fixed costs, even in the event of success.  Therefore people tend not to use solicitors for such claims.  Nevertheless we can be on hand to advise on procedural and substantive issues at various stages of the proceedings.

Since 1st April 2013, once proceedings are commenced the parties are referred to mediation to see whether that may be a suitable medium for resolving the dispute.  This does not necessarily mean that mediation is mandatory but simply to see whether the case is suitable for mediation.

In essence we are able to advise and handle issues arising from the following:-

  • Defective goods and services
  • Breach of Contract
  • Inheritance and Probate disputes
  • Property disputes including Landlord and Tenant
  • Building and other neighbour disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Mediation ADR

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