Conflict exists in all organisations, when communication and negotiation become difficult or breaks down altogether, disputes arise and organisational relationships can be affected and damaged.

What happens in the work place when an employer encounters individual disputes or organisational unrest? From a falling out between employees/team members, or between line managers and reportees to Management and their employees.  This can lead to a very unhappy team, low morale and potential of grievance procedures and/or Court process between the Employer and employee.

Work Place Mediation is aimed to resolve these difficulties.  A work place mediation will take place in a “protected” environment.  Initially each party will be invited by the Mediator for an individual session.  Following on from those sessions a joint or team session will often take place.

It is hoped that each of the parties having an opportunity to discuss their difficulties in a neutral, calm and structured environment will work towards the difficulty being resolved. Both parties must be willing to attend Mediation.

Work Place mediation is:

  • Future focussed

  • Protected – ie private and confidential

  • Quick and cost effective – usually one joint session should be enough

  • Empowering

Work Place Mediation

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