Nearly every business at some time experiences non payment by their customers or clients.  This can have a huge impact on all aspects of your business.  We strongly recommend that clients put in place stringent credit control processes, on which we can advise.  However, there will still be times when customers fail or refuse to pay.  Very often the sending of a solicitors letter will result in payment of the debt but if not we can advise on and issue debt recovery proceedings and thereafter act in the various methods of enforcement of judgement debts.

We have experienced Lawyers who deal with both small and large claims for unpaid debts.  Our team will be able to advise you as to the likely cost involved, what cost you can recover and your prospects of success in recovery.  Don’t let bad debts impact your business.

If you would like a no obligation quote for any of our debt recovery services please email, telephone, visit our offices or make an enquiry using the form below.

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